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Sorry for the short notice, but I won't be around for movies this week. Next week should be good, though!
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Wee prequel to the Star Trek/Magnificent Seven AU prompt ‘fic that [personal profile] lazaefair​ wrote for me. (And yes, I do have more of this sketched out… <.< )

The first time Goodnight Robicheaux set eyes on Billy Rocks, there was a bar fight in progress.

Ordinarily, the brawl wouldn’t have bothered Goodnight one bit. Hell, one of the perks of shore leave on a non-Federation station was that the odds of seeing actual excitement went up considerably. But on this particular occasion, he had been looking for a dark corner in which to nurse both a stiff drink and a bruised heart in peace. The dull smack of bare-knuckle punches landing and the accompanying encouragement of the other bar patrons drew his unwilling attention away from tending his small garden of miseries…

And he found himself watching as the most striking man he’d ever set eyes on held his ground against three Orions, all of which were at least a head taller and half a foot broader than their target. Those were long odds, and taking a second look at the human at the center of the trouble shook the hearts out of Goodnight’s eyes right quick. The man was so thin that his cheekbones looked ready to cut through his skin. His long, dark hair matted, his clothing torn, and there was some kind of mottled discoloration along his bare arms - livid bruising, maybe burns. The restraint marks at his wrists, though, those were unmistakable. And so was the desperation on his face - this wasn’t a simple bar brawl, this man was going to die before he yielded.

Goodnight’s sidearm was on board the Reeves, but he didn’t need a phaser to make himself handy in a fight. He didn’t ask permission to cut in to this particular dance, just ducked in from the side and let his fist connect with a green-skinned face.

The Orions were down and groaning seconds later, but the stranger wasn’t paying them any mind now. His eyes were fixed on Goodnight’s red Starfleet tunic. He finally met Goodnight’s eyes, a drowning man who’d just glimpsed a liferaft.

“My name is Billy Yi,” he managed. He was speaking Fed standard, but it sounded rusty as hell, as if he wasn’t sure he was fitting the words together right. “I don’t belong to them. My parents were Federation citizens.”

There was a whole story in those few words, and if they’d been on a Federation station, Goodnight would have escorted this Billy Yi to the nearest security office to get it untangled that much quicker. But they were out of their jurisdiction, and the Orion Syndicate had a long reach and deep influence out here. In the time it took to get Federation law involved in this mess, Yi could easily be back the hands of the people who’d brutalized him.

(And anyone who actually believed that crap about the Orions being a neutral presence in the sector could see him about buying swampland on Vulcan.)

Goodnight nodded. “Goodnight’s my name. I can help, if you’ll trust me.”

A bitter shred of a smile caught on Billy’s bloodied lips. “I don’t think I’ll get a better offer today.”
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Picked this up from [personal profile] lazaefair:

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

My works page.

Number: 34 works, pretty much just recent stuff and the "best of" list from fandoms past. I'm happy enough to let the old X-Men and Harry Potter stuff be lost to the ether.

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?

General Audiences: 20
Not Rated: 11

Not a huge shock there, honestly. I like smut just fine, but I'm not terribly good at writing it.

What’s your most common archive warning?

No Archive Warnings Apply: 24

See above. And when I do go for stuff that warrants a warning, it's usually violence.

Least common?

Major Character Death: 1

I'm guessing this is because the thing you'll most frequently see me raging over with regard to canon is X-Men writers being lazy fuckers who go for cheap death to raise the stakes rather than putting in the work to make the readers give a damn about the story for its own sake.

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?

Not particularly. I'll stretch myself for fun or at a request, but know what I like and tend to stick to it.

How many stories have you made in each pairing category?

M/M (17)
Gen (9)
F/M (2)
Multi (1)

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?

Preference, in part, and in part deciding where I'm going to put my energy. I do have a few F/F pairings I like, but they're either problematic enough that I don't feel like dealing with the fandom BS, or obscure enough that I know damn well I'd be writing for my pleasure alone... and frankly, I get just as much out of the story without putting it on paper.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers? )
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Went delving for more Storm Shadow references and emerged with various bits of tasty (some more off-topic than others). Enjoy.

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I think I have a date Tuesday, so I won't be around for movies. But! Wednesday I'm ready for some Mag7 AU! XD

Who's going to be around?
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I'm only available Tuesday this week. Anyone else going to be around?

Also, for next week (Tuesday 4/16 and/or Wednesday 4/17), anyone interested in watching the pilot to the Mag7 TV show? Surely an "everybody lives!" Mag7 AU made for network TV in the mid-90's can be nothing but quality!*

(*This show does actually have some good eps; apparently this is one of the projects Melissa Rosenberg of Jessica Jones fame cut her teeth on.)

ETA: My game was canceled, I will also be free on Wednesday! I'd like to hold off on the Mag7 TV show until next week, when Poems is back in the states, but still up for other stuff.
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For [personal profile] poemsingreenink from this prompt list: "Sooooo both for Mag7 either "17. “shh, it was just a bad dream. just a dream, okay? none of it was real” " But this time it's Billy with the bad dream or "3. c’mere, you can sit in my lap until i’m done working” with whatever Billy/Goody scenario you'd like."

Goodnight’s foray into published literature hadn’t been accidental, not in the least. But the catalyst had been most unexpected, namely, that an unforgivably inaccurate account of the battle at Rose Creek had seen print (penned by a shop clerk who’d run off before the fight, no less!) and copies had made their way into Stoner’s general store.

Once Goodnight had stopped fuming over the framing of himself and Horne as the heroes of the piece (“Ours are the only names that damnable whoreson even bothered to learn!”), the way the rest of their Seven had been reduced to little more than supporting characters (“Billy, this son of a bitch keeps referring to you as my ‘Chinese manservant’!”), and over-mention of certain details (“I’d say I’ll have to go up the street and shoot the bastard on principle if he mentions Ms. Cullen’s ‘comeliness’ again, but I’d not dare rob her of the pleasure.”), he’d retaliated in the only impactful way he could think of: writing his own version as rebuttal.

Goodnight was a consummate purveyor of bullshit. )
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I'm available Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I've acquired a digital copy of "The Good, The Bad, The Weird", so I'm putting that in for the Wednesday view, since [personal profile] iwritesometimes hasn't seen it yet. Anyone available for Tuesday?
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I picked these up at C2E2 in Chicago and figured I'd share...

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Mar. 25th, 2019 10:16 am
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I'm back, I'm alive, I missed y'all. Anyone up for movies Tuesday?

Day 1

Mar. 22nd, 2019 12:22 pm
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Safely at the con. Snagged commissions from the two artists I was most wanting to see (plus someone I was pleasantly surprised to see at the show). Collected the most gorgeous Billy Rocks commission, which I will post later.

So far, so good!
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Anyone available for movies this Tuesday? We're looking at doing the last of the TOS-era Star Trek movies - "The Undiscovered Country" - and maybe an episode or two of DS9 afterward.
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Turns out I'm not going to be available for movies this week. :(

BUT! I know we had plans for a viewing of "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" on Wednesday, and [personal profile] lazaefair was probably going to wind up hosting anyway. So there's no need to call the movie off if folks are good with that.

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So I'm available Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Usual time - 7pm central. Anyone up for movies?
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Originally posted by [personal profile] lazaefair over on Tumblr, archiving here:

So there’s the pain. Pain he can deal with. Even excruciating, even with shattered bones and peeled skin and cigarette burns and probably internal bleeding. Always was cursed with high pain tolerance. And he’s pickled himself in enough alcohol it’s got to have had an effect on his poor nerve endings by now. So he’d been coping middlingly well with chronic injuries for years, before…before…well, if this’d been any other mission, he’d’ve survived the night. Even without using the rudimentary healing meditation techniques Storm had been teaching him.

But what would be the goddamn point?

Goodnight Robicheaux closes his eyes, too dehydrated to cry, too hurt for his body to muster the energy for it anyway. If he’s lucky, whatever’s bleeding will kill him inside of a decent timeframe. Or the cold desert night will freeze him before morning. Or he’ll choke to death in the next sandstorm. Either way, his body’ll decay to nothing but dust and ashes, heaped up next to the pile of dead tires they dumped him by, and Lord willing by then he’ll be far away scouring every fuckin’ corner of Hades, Diyu, Chiok, Yomi, or where the hell ever for that white-clad, son of a bitch, bastard of a ninja.

Because Storm Shadow is dead. Has to be. No other reason for them to let him go. Retired, aging, broken ex-Joes are not high value targets, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can deduce that. No, the only thing he’s worth these days is whatever value one particular renegade Arashikage had assigned to him for some unfathomable reason. And if Goody’s been released - means taking him hostage worked, and he’s back to being of zero use to anyone.

Didn’t even merit the honor of a proper execution. Got taken out like a goddamn bag of garbage.

So there will be no healing meditation. No gritting of teeth, no hitching up of bootstraps, no survival at all costs for God and country. It ain’t how he envisioned himself shuffling off this mortal coil - always figured it was either gonna be a grenade or cirrhosis of the liver - but it’s all right. This is about what he deserves.

He’s just gonna sit here with the rest of the trash, and let his life run out into the sand, and hope whichever divine judge rules the next dimension has enough mercy to at least let him be strapped to the rack next to Storm’s.
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Introduced The Magnificent Seven (2016) to another friend.

He is also of the opinion that there is no heterosexual explanation for Goodnight and Billy. And no, I did not need to prompt this observation. XD

Also, I decided to pick up the GI Joe: Retaliation soundtrack as background noise. So you know that scene where Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes beat the crap out of each other at the Red Ninja training monastery? 

Behold the track title:

I needa go find Henry Jackman’s Twitter…

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Not even the GI Goodnight scrap I was actually working on, but it popped up and I wanted to jot it down. XD (Also, it's not Wednesday.)


“Do you know what this is?”

Storm Shadow evaded the COBRA agent coming at him. The man’s eyes were glowing with unearthly fire, but he held his M16 as if it were a club. Storm used the momentum of his step to get behind his guard. A thrust of his sword, and the fire went out. The corpse hit the ground.

“What, Goody?”

Goodnight snapped a glare Storm Shadow’s way; it did nothing to dim the bastard grin on Storm’s face.

“This is peak ninja bullshit!” Goodnight threw his machete at the nearest possessed agent and snatched up the abandoned M16. Gunfire cut down the last of their foes, and then they were bolting down the tunnel with Storm in the lead.

“This is it, Storm, I swear to fuck!”

“Jump.” Storm went over the pit trap without missing a step, then turned to haul Goodnight back from the edge as he landed.

“We are retiring after this,” Goodnight informed him, even as they sprinted forward again. “You’ll learn to fucking relax, sleep in on Sundays, all that good shit.”

No real chance of that, not with Storm still working off a lifetime of misdeeds for the privilege of not being handed over to international courts. But Storm was more than willing to let Goodnight keep spinning stories so long as it helped him keep his focus under pressure.

“I’m not living in your trailer, Robicheaux.”

“It’s bigger than our quarters. You’ll learn to love it. Fuck!”

They halted at a branching corridor. Three identical doorways. The floor of the first seemed to slope upward, but footprints over the dusty stone lead toward the middle door.

Goodnight frowned. “We head up and out into the open, maybe the comms start working again. We could meet up with Outlaw and the others.”

“If they’re still alive,” Storm pointed out. “And if that way even leads out. We know Sei Ten and his guards went this way.”

“You suggest we split up and I will shoot you where you stand.”

“We only have so much time, Goody.” Storm’s attention was fixed on the second door. “I trust you to watch my back. But if they wake that thing and you bring in the cavalry…”

“Better odds.” Goodnight swore again. He offered the rifle, but Storm shook his head.

“You keep it.” He smirked. “I’ll be fine. Sei Ten didn’t count on 500-years-dead Arashikage being shit with assault weapons.”

And then they were running again, but in opposite directions.
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Goodnight Robicheaux and Billy Rocks by LyttaV (adult content)

Billy and Goodnight from the Everybody Lives!AU. They didn’t come off with nearly the spectacular scarring that Faraday did, and they’re not inclined to complain. Time to count their blessings, settle down, and become respectable businessmen.

…riiiiight. Because that’s entirely in their wheelhouse. ;)

Fantastic work by Lytta, as always! <3

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(Following from this post on The Good, The Bad, The Weird crack!shipping)

But also, consider! Goodnight x Billy GBW reincarnation AU

- Approx. 50 years after Billy Rocks and Goodnight Robicheaux die at Rose Creek, Park Chang-Yi wakes, somewhat patched up and in the custody of (what's left of) Ishihara's troops. Of course they want to know about the map. After being beaten so completely by the Finger Chopper, Chang-Yi is more broken than usual, and just doesn't have much to offer outside of an unsettling grin.

- Before the interrogation can get really nasty, a half-naked American breaks a chair over the head of the fellow questioning Chang-yi and asks (in very bad Mandarin) if he wants to leave. This... is interesting. So Chang-Yi follows. They steal a jeep, and they're off.

- The American is Francois Robicheaux, but his friends call him "Goody". (They aren't friends, but "Goody" is easier to pronounce, so "Goody" it is.) Communication is an issue, but Goody makes it clear he's good in a fight, guns and fists. Also, he can drive and Chang-Yi can't. It's a good enough reason to stick together for now.

- Chang-Yi starts patching together a new gang with Goody as his right hand; crime and vengeance hijinks ensue. Goody has his own agenda, but as he and Chang-Yi begin leaning on each other more (lots more, like "in bed" more), he starts dropping hints that Chang-Yi should leave behind this penny-ante lawless frontier bullshit and come back to America, the land of opportunity, with him. He has friends (read as: a gang) there, and Chang-Yi's a dangerous, capable fellow who would fit right in. (Also, there are people - mostly family - in America who are responsible for Goody being stranded on the fucking lawless foreign frontier, and who would look good with bullet holes in them, but oops, stupid American speaks bad Chinese and worse Korean, la la la what were you asking again?)

- Cue alignment-shifted Mag7 redo. XD
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 Death's Lover Went Riding

Chapters: 1/2

Fandom: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death

Relationships: Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks

Characters: Billy Rocks, Goodnight Robicheaux, Sam Chisolm

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements

Summary:  Goodnight Robicheaux died at Rose Creek.
Billy Rocks will see that there’s a reckoning for for that.
But he’s not the only one with an interest in Goodnight’s death.

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